writing as a long term investment

Writing as a long term investment

            Many students are poor in their writing skill. There are many reasons why they are not interesting in writing. We have to admit that studying in college or school is to achieve better life. All universities and colleges require paper writing to their students who want to complete their study. The students must write an academic paper. It is not easy for some students but they do. Some senior students do as the universities students do but their writing is shorter or in different academic writing. Senior schools usually need their students to write essays.
            How many papers writing does a university have each year? All the papers and essays become the properties of the campus. Can you imagine how much money does each university have if the university monetizes all those papers and essays? There will be million dollars. How rich Oxford University is. It is amazing, isn’t it?
            Every year universities release thousands students who graduate. From 1000 graduate how many students who continue writing? There are only a few students or graduates who continue writing. Most of them give up writing because they can not monetize their writing. It is very difficult for a new writer to get published. Some publishers accept high standard content so that many students do not like writing.
            Recent days there are many opportunities for you to express your idea and mind. You can make money from your articles. You don’t have to write in an academic writing standard but you must write in minimum standard. It is impossible I think. I say it is possible. At least you can have opportunity of making money from your articles. Can you write an article a day? How many days are there in a year? There are 365 days. If you start writing an article a day you will have 365 articles a year. It is going to be a book.
            To monetize your writing you have to write on a website that gives you opportunity to share revenue from the ads and sold product from your article account. Here are the sites that give the opportunity.
  1. Writing on blogspot, bloger, wordpress and other free and paid blogs
  2. Writing on free blogs that give you opportunities to share revenue from ads and affiliate programs like squido, hubpages, blogburner, triond and others.
  3. Writing on review sites like epinions, carrot review, reviewparty, and blogerparty.
Those are options that give you opportunity to make money from your writing skill. All your articles and essays will be long term investment that you will harvest the ripe fruits of your investment someday. 

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