doing business as a great side job idea

Doing business as a great side job idea

    There are only a few people whose entrepreneurship. To be an entrepreneur needs strong motivation and business skill. Everyone can take a part in a business world because it is widely open. There are only a few people who will be successful and sustain in this hard competition. The principle of business is selling for profit. There are two kinds of business. They are selling services and goods. What to do first for a new businessman is to make a business plan either he sells goods or services.
    Making a business plan is very important to start a new business even in a small business. Why most small businesses often fail because most of the owners have no business plan. A big company often prepares its business years before it has been run. There are many aspects in making a business plan to consider. They are capital, business field or idea, marketing, promotion and human resource.

    There are many sites to learn a business plan. It is suggested to visit them. Learning from a successful businessman who is a close friend is better than self-study because there is much information and experience to practice. The experience and information from a successful businessman make a new businessman work carefully and effectively.
    Another important thing to start a new business is building network. There is much benefit from it. One of the benefits is free promotion. Word of mouth promotion is the effect of network. It is very powerful and exceptive. It is also less cost. Word of mouth promotion works due to the goods or services is satisfying the customers. A person will talk to his friend where he finds a best seafood restaurant. When his friend visits the restaurant he will tell others about the food, the taste and the services of the restaurant.
    No one is successful without doing action. Knowing a business plan and having good network are not assurances to be a successful businessman. In the end, there are three aspects to start business. They are business plan and idea, building network, and doing action.

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