five things that change our life


“My life is boring. I always do routines. I want to have better life” this is a statement which comes from someone who wants to improve his life circumstance.  Can our life really change? If yes, what can change out life? This is a simple question but the answer is difficult. Many people have worked hard however their life remains encountering hardship. These are five things that change our life.
  1. Changing job
      Haa, do you have a strong decision and enough preparation to alter your profession? It is not easy, you need different skill and some finance to cost your life before you get a new job.  This change can be a drastic change. If you were a shopkeeper then you decide to be a truck driver your life would turn 1800. Can you imagine the different between a truck driver and shop keeper? It is truly different.
  1. Moving to a new place
      It is a sharp change too.  You will have a new social environment, new neighbors, new life cycle. You are living in Asian Countries and you decide to move to Europe or America. You have to prepare to expose to new culture, climate change, and life phase that can probably make you get shock. You will lose you old friends too. If you don’t believe, will you come to Indonesia and decide to settle here!
  1. Getting married
      This change is for a single who want to live with his/her spouse together. It is not hard I think. You should have much courage to say “ would you marry me? “ the adjust can be happy or terrible. Who are you going to marry is the key. Is he/ she a right person? You have to be careful to decide the person because you don’t think of getting divorce after a year marriage, do you?
  1. Getting a rise
      This alteration makes us fun. You get higher income because you are promoted to higher carrier position in your office or your business got big profit. You have only $1,200/ month then you get $12,000/ month what you are going to do. You may often go to clothing store and you may know well if someone ask you” Where is the best restaurant ? “ . Your appearance will look better than before. Everyone wants to change in this situation I think.
  1. Getting educated
      This change is slow but by getting educated or continuing your study your life will gradually change. When you are an administration staff in a company you can spend your money to take a course or go to college. You can take a major that you are interested in.  After you have passed or you have a college degree you have a new life skill. You can apply for new jobs which promise better salary. This step is the best step to change out life.  
      Those steps are varied among you. Which are suitable and fit to your situation? Do you feel comfortable in your position? Or do you want to change to have a better life? You decide.

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