how to find true happiness

Entertainment industries grow rapidly recently. They are competing to grab their customers. Who are the customers? We are the customers. What is actually entertainment? Do we really need it? When do we need it? Entertainment is a show, performance, a play, or anything to amuse the viewers or audiences. If you like music you will be happy to listen to your favorite songs. There are many kinds of entertainment. They are music, movie, sport, drama, a play, a comedy and many others. Many companies dig a large amount of profit from those businesses.   What do entertainment industries offer to us? Their offer happiness, and enjoyment. The question is that all those kinds of enjoyments and happiness are true happiness. I don’t agree with this statement. You can’t get true happiness from entertainment industries.  All industries only give analgesic or temporary treatment. The happiness is not everlasting.
            True happiness comes up from your heart. The inner peace in your heart is the true happiness. We can ask all visitors in a night club” what do you feel? “ They may say” I am happy” “ I am very excited”. Is the statement is everlasting? You can walk after the clubbers ( I mean if you know them well) to their apartments or flats.  When they have arrived home ask “are you happy now? “They may say “ I am tired , I am going to sleep” what is your opinion? Do you think night clubs offer true happiness? You can ask few days late to the clubbers. At the time the clubbers have got broke. Can you ask” are you happy now? “ . They will get angry with your questions. Many clubbers spend much money in pubs, night clubs, karaoke, and cafes but they got nothing. Instead of finding true happiness they devastate themselves.
            There should be a balance in our life. Entertainment is not forbidden. We have to empty our mind from any outsides contentment. Music is one of outside pleasure. If you like music you can stop now from listening music. Some people are addicted to TV programs. They are news, quiz, games, sports and other shows. I think we can live without all those outside enjoyments. I can’t live without reading news paper in the morning. This statement is because someone has been addicted to news papers. We have to close and filter information which enters our mind. There is no benefit to read criminal news. What can you get from reading magazines and watching TV about celebrity gossips? You will get nothing.
            Some people run away from their problem by drinking alcohol and use drugs. This is the worst way out to get solution. No benefit we can get to do this. Those drugs and alcohol will destroy our health. We can lead a healthy life. We can go jogging everyday. We can meet a lot of people and talk to them on the way we are going jogging. We can ask “what’s your name? Where are you from? Where do you live? “ to a clerk in a mini-market while we buy some plain water. We’d better try this entertainment. We will enjoy having a new friend to have a healthy life.
            One of the ways to make us feel peace is to get out and talk to our neighbors, say hello to them, help them anything we can do. We can meet our friends, sit with them and make jokes with them. We can laugh so that we can feel relaxed. Doing sport is another way to lead a healthy life besides eating healthy food. We can cook our own dinner and invite some of our close friends. We eat with them but we should turn of our CD players, TV we just eat and talk to them. There are no cigarette and alcohol allowed in your dinner.
            What do you think of getting up early in the morning? We have to take a prayer, take a bath, drink plain water, and do exercise. We can go to office early because we get up early. We can avoid traffic jam early in the morning. After arriving in our office we give our best smile to everyone we meet. To office work we have to finish quickly and carefully. We are not allowed to put off today’s task till tomorrow. When the office time is up we get home, and find a different way home. We will enjoy the trip. We can see new view. While we are walking home, we can buy some favorite food, bring it at home, share with our roommates or give it to our wife or kids. They will feel happy with this food. In the evening we should get to bed early and turn off our TV. You will find peace and have a healthy life.

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