how to be a good neighbor


            How important is the time for our life? Most of us do not realize how we spent the time everyday. Do we spend wisely or wastefully? Some people work long hours. They forget to use their time with family, friends and neighbors. How often we get along with our neighbors is sometime an unimportant question in our mind. We sit together with our next door neighbor, talk about gardening, car and house painting. We have to aware that we need to socialize with our neighbors. We can’t ask our family who is out of town to give urgent favor. We need our neighbor to repair the plumbing leak when we find it difficult to get a plumber. Why don’t we ask our neighbors? They will be pleased to help us. They will be honored that they give benefit to others. 
            Here I would like to give some tips how we can make good and warm relationship with our neighbors. Our neighbors are the closest people who live around us.
-          Greet them everywhere we meet.
-          Don’t gossip.
-          Send them a little gift or food.
-          Ask them to do sport or jogging.
-          Help them every time they need our help.
-          Please attend their invitation.
-          Visit their house sometime not very often.
-          Don’t talk about personal it can be done if you have close relationship.
-          Talk about general topics but interesting.
-          Work together to clean up environment.
-          Keep their children on eye from any danger and threat so that they will do for our kids.
-          Give advice if they need.
-          Let’s our kids play with theirs.
-          Ask for a help ( it means a little help because it will help us keep in contact with them)
-          Avoid borrowing money if we don’t have strong trust.
-          Avoid asking to take care of our pets             while we are away. We’d better put our pets in a pet center.

            These are the tips to make good relationship with our neighbors. There are many unwritten rules to follow. The most important thing how we keep our neighbors feel comfortable with us are not to show off our achievement or possession but. Let’s share with them our true happiness. I think everyone wants to be accepted warmly by his neighbors.

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