blogging as a side job idea

Blogging  as a side job idea

Who doesn’t know wordpress and blogspot? I think everyone knows both. You can put and share your ideas on a blog. Some people like blogs better than formal websites when they surf on the internet.  A blog has unique features and easy to digest. A formal website is sometimes blocked by formal and academic contents and rules so that many people are lazy to visit a formal websites for long time. A blog is free and sometimes too liberal.  Have you ever heard a blog which shook a political situation in Malaysia? It happened few years ago. A blog is sometimes more powerful than a formal mass media.
            Many blogers get benefit from their bloging activities. One of the benefits is to make money. How to make money from bloging is not new. There have been many people who is successful from this internet money making type. Here are some of them. They are Yaro Starak, ( AUS) Alan Daren ( USA) Budi Putra (Indonesia) John Cow, and many others. All the door of the success form bloging are open to everyone. Are you going to take this opportunity? Why not , you can start bloging as a hobby and a side job. 
            I don’t know what is your hobby is. Id you like writing why don’t you start bloging now? there are many advantages from bloging. Here they are:
First, a blog is your media to manifest your hobby. you can put and share your writing, photo, and video. Second, you can promote your offline business through blog. It is very effective and cheaper than put your ads on mass media. Third, you can join affiliate business network like amazon, e bay , click bank and hundreds of affiliate marketing online. Fourth, you can make money by putting ads on your blog, like google adsense, chitika, bidvertisers and many others. Fifth, you can join paid review programs. You will be paid by writing product review. The payment ranges from $1 to 100. All the payment is usually sent to your paypal account. if you don’t have a paypal account you can sign up now. it is free.
            Those are the good points of bloging activities. There are some weaknesses too. That you have to learn about SEO is not an easy thing. How your blog is always on the first page of googlem yahoo, or other search engines is a problem. Learning how to increase your page rank is another SEO technique   I am not an expert but I like bloging because my blog helps me promote my offline business effectively. Well What do you think? Blog or not? 

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