between online and offline business

Between online and offline business

       These are few of ads on the internet that offers making money online.

It looks attractive and interesting. What do you think of this ad? Have you ever clicked this ad? If you have a member of the online money making you know the answer perfectly.  I am not an expert in this virtual world but I have learnt about internet business a little. It is true and it can make money but you have to be careful and I think you have to learn from an expert if you want to do this business.
            First, I clicked an ad and I hoped I will make a lot of money but I was disappointed because I had to buy some e-books and pay some money to be the member. Up to now I haven’t even make a $ in my pay pal account. Do you think I don’t trust money making online? I still believe to the program or the business but I suggest you not buy or join an online business program without guidance from an expert who has been successful in the business. You will get broke if you go to this business alone. You are in the jungle that is dangerous and dark.
            Here, I am going to tell you about my experience in this jungle. I hope it will give you a picture about this virtual world. I am an elementary school teacher. I am teaching English I have good skill in teaching English ( I am not praising myself). I opened an account of my blog. This is my first blog. I expect that I get the bread of tasty dollars from internet but I haven’t got a cent up to now.
            One day, I got an idea why I didn’t advertise my English skill and offer private classes in the evening. In the morning I posted my ad on my blog. Surprisingly, I got 5 calls in a month then I got one job. I charge for the fee of my private class is about $ 50-60 / 8 meetings. It is reasonable price for a non native English teacher in Jakarta.  There will be many calls next months I hope. I think I am going to recruit partners. I will charge a few percent from my partners’ fee. For me offline business is still the winner but I need online promotion to my business because online promotion is less cost and more effective. I just need to write my ad on my free blog.
            I think if you have a skill, products, or services to sell you’d better sign up a free website or blog and start promote your business online. I still want to learn how to make money online but I am not doing it alone, I will take a course for this business.  

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