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            Learning a foreign language is not as difficult as creating nuclear reactor. Everyone cam learn a foreign language. The most used language both in spoken and written is English. Some people may say” We love our mother language better than English” I agree with this statement but this is not a reason for us not to study English. There is much benefit that we can take from learning English. The strongest reasons for us to study are to continue our study or to obtain a scholarship abroad. The second reason to study is job requirement. Many companies need employees who are good English language performers.
            Students who wish to study abroad even not in English speaking country are required to have high score in a certain international English test. Some of English tests are IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC. Students who want to obtain a scholarship are needed to have high score in those tests as well. Why all universities in non English speaking country need this requirement. The best answer is that those universities are open for international students and not all the lectures at the universities are good in the local language. Universities in Germany may have lectures from USA. The lectures are experts in a certain subject but they don’t speak German well therefore they use English to deliver their lesson. Students who get scholarships or wish to study abroad should have strong motivation to study English and to obtain high score in international test. Many students have succeeded although they have to pay for their achievement. There are many experts and a resource to help us learn English and test one of the experts is Clarence Chan. you can see here to see the detail about him.
            Most international companies require English language skill in their job requirements. We will be eliminated if we don’t meet this requirement because many job seekers possess good English competence beside needed job skill. How we can struggle with this hard competition we have to be good English performers. Studying English is sometime very difficult for adult learners. Adult learners who are employees find many problems to learn English. Most difficulties that they should encounter are time and motivation. An employee who finishes his work at 5: 00 PM he has been tired to study. I am a private class English teacher. Most of my students are lazy to study in the evening because they sometime arrive at home at 7:00 PM even they get out of their office at 5:00 PM. Here we are in Jakarta there is too much traffic jam. I don’t know whether it is the same as your country or not. Some students choose Saturday and Sunday to study but they often spend their weekend out of town with their family. A few of them keep their motivation up because they will not get promoted in case they cannot improve their English proficiency. This motivation is strong enough to help students to study even they are too busy with their work.
            The best solution to manage the study time is to spend more time studying English by self. Self study doesn’t need a regular class. We can learn English whenever we want. What we need is more resources. There are many online English learning from free to paid programs. Here are the recommended e-books and resources to learn IELTS.  Those e books and resources focus on IELTS but we can get benefit from the materials so that we can improve our English proficiency besides improving out IELTS Score.

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  1. Yes, if we want to perform well in the Ielts not only in this in any exam practice is must. Practice makes man perfect.





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