pre linguistic stage for a new born baby

Pre linguistic stage for a new born baby

            We cannot imagine if there is a baby who can talk. There are three babies who can talk in the world. They are Isa Almasih and two others ( I don’t remember). All those three are exception. Generally all babies don’t speak any words. They produce sound which is not in a form of language. This period is called pre linguistic stage. A baby gives response to the human’s voice before he reaches two months old. He has identified certain sound in words after two months old ( Eimas:1975)
            There are three pre linguistic stages. They are crying, cooing, and babbling. In the first two or three months a baby often cries to express his feeling. At this age of three moths a baby likes cooing but he still likes crying when he needs something or feels uncomfortable. Crying and cooing are activities that train articulation organs to produce voice.
            Language acquisition is determined by two factors. They are biological device which every human possesses and environment stimulation which support language development. The relation between pre linguistic stage and language development is that verbal stimulation is very important. 0-5 years old a baby has distinguish sound. He has identifies his Mom’s voice. Talking to our baby is very important stimulation because we are as parents are the environments that support our babies’ language development. Our voice or utterance with the correct language pattern will be heard, stored and copied in his brain.
            Due to the importance of verbal stimulation we have to talk to our baby in proper language and pronunciation. We have to say clearly for example when we say “ Hello” we are not allowed to say “ eo” . “ eo” is a baby’s talk. Using baby’s talk continuously is prohibited because our baby will accept wrong stimulation. What we say to our baby will be copied and it will be our baby’s language model. Using baby’s talk is tolerated when we need to stimulate our baby to babble and coo. In the end, pre linguistic stage and language acquisition have correlation that we have to give right stimulation

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