Few days ago I took a little survey to my students. They are range from 8-10 years old. They are in 4th grade. I wonder how they spend their free time after school and they spend time in the evening.  They have seven hours free because they finish school at 1:45 pm and they arrive home at about 14;00 pm.  They have much time. They also have different activities. I took the survey in order that I can give pictures to their parents how all parents control their kids to spend the time wisely and effectively. In addition, all students will learn how they spend the time to achieve the best achievement in their study. There are 29 students who participated in the survey. They are all at the same level of study and they study at the same school. The result of the survey may not represent all the fact of the student time spending in the city but I hope it will be benefit for us as parents and educators.
 Here is the outcome of the survey.
I posted two questions. Here they are. First, I asked “ HOW LONG DO YOU STUDY AT HOME?”
From the questions I get answers variously. No one who answers that he does not study. There are 18 students who spend 1-2 hours to study. 31 % or 9 pupils get along with his book more than 2 hours. Only 3% of 29 students who study fewer than 1 hour.
Here is the figure

It shows that TV is a favorite alternative for our children. All students watch TV everyday. There are only 4 students who watch TV fewer than 1 hour. 11 kids spend their time 1-2 hours a day in front of a TV. 14 students watch TV more than 2 hours a day.
               I hope this data will help us to control our kids’ spending time wisely. There are nearly a half of students who stare at the TV more than 2 hours. Do you think it is good? Let’s count the time from 2:00-9:00 pm. There are 7 hours free. We can draw 1 hour to do daily routines like taking prayer, eating dinner, and taking a bath.  Then, 2 ours is for studying. Next 1 hour is for playing out because doing some physical activities is good. All kids can ride a bike, play soccer or just playing hide and seek with their mates. We still have 3 hours. 1,5 hour is for taking course. 1,5 hour they can watch TV and have rest or get along with their members of the family. This is the picture


Second, the question is “ HOW LONG DO YOU WATCH TV IN A DAY?”. All students watch TV. TV is still favorite entertainment to our kids. There are only 4 students who watch TV fewer than an hour. 11 students watch TV 1-2 hours. 14 students sit in front of a TV more than 2 hours. Here is the figure.

I hope this data will help us to raise our children achievement. There are nearly a half of students who spend their time watching TV. Let’s count the time. From 2 to 9 pm there are 7 hours free. How should we control our kids to manage their time?
1 hour
Doing daily routines
2 hours
1 hour
Playing out
1 ,5 hours
Taking course
1,5 hours
Watching TV, chatting with family or having a rest

Well , if it benefits for you, take it if not just leave it , nO , I am joking . I hope you can be great parents.

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