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             Children will always be a subject of study all the time. There are psychologists, linguists, and psycholinguists who spend their time and money in this field. There are three people who influence widely to the today’s researchers. They are Piaget, Vigotsky, and Brunner.
1.  Piaget
       Jean Piaget was born on August 9th 1986 in Neuchatel, Switzerland. He talked about physiology of development. He said that children’s mind developments were categorized into stages. Language on children also grows based on stages. He believed that mind development affects language development not vice versa.
2.  Vigotsky
       His full name is Lev Semenovich Vigotsky. He was born in 1896. His opinions are against Piaget’s. Language and mind development have no relation in the early stages. Vigostsky and Piaget have similar idea in later stages. Vigostsky said language created and determined mind development. In this matter, he emphasizes how important children copy from adult talks and social interaction. Children copy format sentences, sound, and utterance what they listen. This knowledge will be a model of their language competence and it will affect their mind development. You know from his opinion how necessary for us as parents and educators give the best model and figures for our kids.
3.  Brunner
       Jerome S Brunner is from USA. He was the President of America Physiologist Association. His opinion is between Piaget and Vigotsky.  His view is that children understand outer world through representation. First, active movement is the way of children’s thought. It takes place from a baby born to about two years old. Next, thought creates icons from observation. Children‘s mind makes pictures about things they observe. It takes place between two years old and six or seven years old. Finally, children will use language symbols or words that can translate abstract and logical thinking. It happens from six or seven and it develops continuously. Both language and mind develop and they are not parting.  He said that language was a main supporter to the mind development. Experience was very important aspect in the language development.
       Can we take conclusion from those three experts? We know that language affect mind development. Therefore, we must give serious attention to children language competence. Teachers and parents have this most responsibility. How about your kids? How do you talk to your boys? How do you speak to you girls? I hope this article will be useful for us. 

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