english learning tips and types


            Learning English s not as difficult as creating a spaceship. There are many types of learners in learning English. What type are you? Here are the types.
1.     A kinetic learner
      People in this type like practical. They enjoy physical activities in studying. They will soon get bored to study text-book model. They prefer practice speaking to writing. They also enjoy playing games that need physical activities. What is the weakness of this type? Students who have the type are the best I think but theoretically they are weak. They sometimes will be trapped in common mistakes, however they do not realize. For example, they will say “ I am is an employee”. This sentence is wrong but they sometimes make this mistakes due to their poor competence in language pattern. On the other hand, we should admit the advantage of kinetic learners. They have much confidence. This is the key of this type.
2.     A visual learner
            If you are this type of the student, please supply by yourself some materials like pictures, power point presentation, and some visual media that help you learn easier. Most children own this type. They need visual objects and they learn visually better than textually.
3.     A logical learner
            The people of this type enjoy puzzles, and patterns. They will learn grammar faster than speaking. The weakness is that they are less confidence to show off. A teacher who has this typical student must give extra motivation to make him/her feel confident. The measure of the competence of learning language is how a student can perform in front of public.
4.     A language –oriented learner
      This type is a learner who enjoys reading and listening. They can understand reading passages but they can not analyze the grammar. Their vocabulary building is better than other types. A language oriented learner is worse writer than a logical learner.
            What do you think of you are? A good teacher has to identify what types of his students are. To achieve the objective of learning is how a teacher combines and emphasizes the strength of each type because everyone is a good learner in general.

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