non verbal language

    Have you ever count how long you make a conversation in a day, Three hours, two hours, or less than ten minutes?. When you meet your offices mate what do you say to them? You may greet them then make a small talk. I think it will only take a few minutes then you will get to work. A researcher, Albert Mehrabian studied that communication is sent about 7 % through verbal language (words) 38 % through voice/ intonation and other sounds and 55 % through non-verbal language. Professor Birdwhistell said that verbal language in face –face conversation is less than 35 % and over 65 % of communication is sent by non verbal language.
    Researchers believe that non verbal language can be understood by some gestures, facial expressions, and body movements. You will get the point if you talk to someone and he nods his eyes. In most culture nodding means agreement. This is one of non verbal language that most of us often use.
    Do you know that everyone has different zones when he makes a conversation? Well you can think where you are. Intimate zone ranges from 15 cm to 45 cm or 6 inches to 18 inches. It includes children with their parents and family, lovers and close friends. If you are a new person don’t try to enter this zone in case you will get negative response.
    Second, personal zone is about 46 cm to 1.22 m or 4 to 12 feet. This distance exists when you have cocktail parties, office parties, office gathering, and social gatherings. In this zone you can talk a topic which is personal but not intimate. You can ask “how do you spend Sundays? . you may talk about specific hobbies , gardening and cooking. Never ask “ Do you have a boy friend or girl friend? “ because this question is suitable in the intimate zone.
    Third, social zone is about 1.22 m to 3.6 m or 12 feet. This distance is for stranger. An electrician, a plumber or a carpenter who work in our house and we don’t know well. We always keep this distance when we talk to them.
    Fourth, Public Zone ranges from 3.6 m or over 12 feet. This zone exists when we address a large group of people. You will automatically stand in a comfortable position facing this situation.
    Two lovers sometimes press their torsos to manifest their closeness. It will happen in the intimate zone; however you should be careful when you press your body in a public area which is crowded.  Your deliberate pressure to other’s intimate zone can be a threat for instance in    crowding cinemas, elevators, trains, buses or public exhibition. There are unwritten rules you should obey. Every country has different rules in this situation. I hope this information will be useful. You can try the best distance when you make a conversation so that you and your partner will feel comfortable and you can make friendship or build better relationship.

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