top ten questions in the job interview


            Interview will be taken in several phases. Most common phases are greeting, small talk, general questions, specific questions, and questions and answers, next step decision to be taken and finishing.
            Greeting is simple and short. An interviewer may say” Good Morning, Mr. William, How do you do, I am pleased to meet you this morning” In this situation an interviewee must show warm and professional in shaking hand and answering the greeting.  Answer the greeting with the steady tone.
            Making a small talk is one thing that is important. An interviewer may ask about the traffic. Answer positively how traffic is the street; it is not a major problem. An interviewee should show the how he can handle the problem. An interview also can give comment about the photo, or the room setting in the interviewer office” That’s nice room setting” never tell a lie about the comment. Don’t say this if the room is a mess.
            First, the interviewer will ask about general questions. The questions include personal questions. The interviewer will ask about your education, age, marital status, and hobbies. Be careful if the question is tact you should answer tactfully. For example if the interviewer ask “how do you spend your holiday with your children and your wife?” if you are single, don’t answer I am sorry , I am single, I am not married instead of saying this you can say “ It will be fun to have holiday with children and wife, I am thinking about getting married in the next few years.”  This answer shows your optimistic.
            Next, it is going to the specific questions. The interviewer will ask your experience, special skills, how you overcome situation, weakness and strength and some other questions related to the job offered. These are some questions that most interviewers ask.
  1. Do you think you have right skill in this job field? Although I have only few years experience in advertising industries I try to improve my self by reading and attending seminars about advertising. Some training in my previous company helps me to ensure my self to take a new responsibility in your company. I am keen to learn and adapt with the co-workers and work responsibilities in the new work environment.
  2. What kinds of extracurricular activities did you join in college? I was a member of the College bulletin. I obtained much knowledge experience about writing report, meeting deadline, working with various situation and people. I should make report, and take interview with some campus staffs, lecturers, and sometimes important person outside the campus when I had to write current issues. This answer shows how you got along with a lot of people. It gives positive image for the interviewer that you are not a type of paper book student. You participate actively in non academic activities even you are just an ordinary member of an organization or you are not in a leadership position.
  3. Why didn’t you join extracurricular activities in the college? To the interviewer it is a tactful question if you never joined any campus activities. How you handle this? You should answer tactfully. The principle of answering question is to turn the negative into positive and smart representation but not to told a lie because in can be fatal. This type of answer is a positive one.  I was very eager to join some college extra activities however I took a part time job in a hotel which has changing work shift in a month. I sometime should get to work at night and in the early morning. Unfortunately, I could not manage the time well so that I could not join any extra activities in college.  
  4. What you think to develop about yourself?  There are two things I want to improve, they are managerial and computer proficiency in the near future. I am going to take a course to improve those skills.
  5. What reasons should we hire you? I understand you need the best person in this position as a production manager. I will carry to this task my education background in the production management, few years experience in my previous company how my teamwork and I  should perform such effective production in minimum budget however we was able to reach maximum objective. I have constant performance of work that your company needs. I consider this is something valuable to your organization.
  6. Why do you want to work for this company? I consider that your organization is one of the best companies in this field. I have worked for your competitor for few years. I have an opportunity to evaluate your company because I actually admire this company. I just think about how I join your company and apply all my skills as worthy addition which can profit to your company. 
  7. Why do you often change job? I know I did not settle job in the first few jobs. I worked in small companies. I discovered and achieved better skills and talent each time but I did not get a perfect place to move forward. I this job market I dropped my interest to this firm which is large enough to grow
  8. How well do you manage your stress in under pressure work deadline? I try not to do all tasks on the deadline but I will organize the tasks, make priority, accomplish quickly to the prior work. The most exciting thing is when I can get the tasks done at the time required without leaving qualified standard of procedure.
  9. How do work with others? I like friendship environment in professional manner. The present of co-workers will help me to achieve the work goal better and quicker. I had very good relationship with my previous supervisor who gave me comment on my work done and sometimes I gave a new idea to the difficult problems. I build professional communication to my subordinates referring to my supervisory and managerial training I possessed. 
  10. Do you like working alone or with a team? Basically, I enjoy working with others. I need others help in many work situation but I do my best alone on special assignment which needs individual scheme and performance. The answers should emphasize that you are good in both team player or alone.

Nail the Job Interview, Caryl Rae Kranrich, Phd, Ronald L Kranrich,Phd, Impact Publication, Manassas park, Virginia.

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