5 questions you may ask in the interview


  1. Questions about the company.
  These are typical questions you may ask
-          Why does the company open this position? What is the essential meaning of the position to the company?
-          Would you tell me what kinds of environment I would to work in?
-          What kind of people I would work with?
-          What kind of assignment would I handle?
  1. Questions about the employment
-          What progress would you like to achieve in the near time?
-          Could you tell me about the organization scheme?
-          Does the company have pre-placement training?
-          What kind opportunities for progression?
  1. Questions about salary
       Asking about salary is one thing you are suggested to question but you are allowed to ask about the salary and fringe benefit after you are offered a job. Before being offered you must put the questions off. After you are offered the job you should ask the salary. Remember try to ask not only the particular main salary but also the sorts of benefit because it will be better opportunity to have flexible negotiation.
  1. Closing questions
-          If by the (tenth of July)  I haven’t received any call from you, may I call you for conformation?
-          You can ask the interviewer whether he need other supporting documents in your application form.
  1. Questions about placement
       The company may ask you to travel or to work out of town. After you offered a job you need to discuss about the cost of moving to another town. Is the cost paid by the company or you should pay by yourself. You can estimate the cost of living and moving to a new town. Many companies are not responsible for the cost recently because of economic crisis. In this case you can negotiate with your employer before you accept the position.

Nail the Job Interview, Caryl Rae Kranrich, Phd, Ronald L Kranrich,Phd, Impact Publication, Manassas park, Virginia.


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