1. Make a note of your interview
                  When your mind is able to remember all interview sessions and questions, write down on your note. All the information will be useful in the future interview because you may encounter more than one interview. Summarize the entire interview and prepare to have better interview next time.
  1. Make a call for information
                  Before you leave the interview ask when the decision date is. You must make follow- up to get the assured information. Sometime an employer hasn’t made any decision on the date that he has told. If you get the position, you are very lucky but if you are not the one he chooses you can jump to another effort.  You will not spend your time waiting.
  1. Be ready for the next chance
                  No one wants a bad news. In fact if it happens to you, you fail in an interview it does not mean you fail in your life. There are thousand companies looking for new employees. Be patient, do something better. Sell your skills , write down your resume and drop in a better company. Create your online resume in,, and other online services who can help you easier, cheaper and faster to drop your CV and application letter.


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