Ten Mistakes In the Job Interview


 These are some mistakes made by an interviewee. He sometimes……

  1. gives a bad impression in the waiting area.
    An interviewee acts as a superior, and treats a secretary and a receptionist badly as if she is unimportant person because he is going to apply for a manager or a higher position than the secretary or the receptionist. He shows a superiority impression in sitting in the waiting area. An interviewee must consider that the secretary or the receptionist will give his behavioral acts to her boss.
  1. Arrives late.
    No company will hire an employee who comes late to work. The first impression has destroyed all talent and academic achievement possessed by an interviewee when coming late to interview. It is suggested that an interviewee come 15 minutes earlier.
  1. Appears in negative images.
    An interview may choose a poor clothing and bad color selecting. She may wear too short skirt for a woman. An interviewee may ask a friend to give opinion about what should he wear to deal with a job interview.
  1. expresses  bad and negative attitudes.
    An interviewee may tend to have extreme attitudes or too critical. He shows intolerance and strong prejudice toward others. These attitudes signs that he may not fit to the company regardless how talented he is.
  1. does not focus to the interviewer questions.
    An interview answers unrelated topic, and incomplete thought. He jumps from one to other ideas.
  1. gives short and incomplete answers.
    He often answers yes, no, or may be, when he is needed to answer deeply. It shows he has lack of enthusiasm, interest or knowledge. 
  1. looks ill and in bad health condition.
    An interview seems to have severe health problem, pale , cough and sneeze. He sometimes talks about up coming medical treatment within next weeks. A company needs a fit person, who can handle its task therefore it does not want to care sick person in the first week or month of work. 
  1. Starts to talk a personal information that would be inappropriate.
    An interview talks about religion, politic, family, mental health, and sexual orientation. Some interviewers do not feel comfortable when at the first meeting an interviewee asks those topics.
  1. shows greedy for the job.
    An interview is over enthusiastic and too suspicious. Before learning about the company he has given comments “ I really like it here”, “I like the company”, “ the company is very popular” , “ How much insurance will you give? ‘
  1. Talks negatively of previous boss.
    An interview is sometimes trapped when he asked “why did he leave his previous job”? He speaks negatively about the previous company and co-workers and management. It indicates that he is not good worker who can socialize with many people. In this question he must avoid talking about negative things in the previous company but he had better talk about positive things he can achieve by joining a larger company.


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