QUESTION: Why do you want to leave your job?
ANSWER : Actually I would not like to leave my current job. After working two years, I have realized that I have free time in the afternoon. I decide it is time for me to find large and progressive organization where I can use my experience and skill in several different organizations. I am ready to take more responsibilities. This change will be a positive step in my professional growth.

QUESTION : What are some of your weaknesses?
ANSWER : I have a dream to have an undergraduate degree or continue my study but until now I don’t have it, However’ I believe my education has prepared me well for this job. My experience taught me how to work with people, organize, and solve problems.
QUESTION :Do you rent or own a home?,
ANSWER :  I’ve been renting a house during the past few years. That worked well for the first years. But I’ve now outgrown it. And I know I’m losing money by not building equity in a home. I plan to either purchase or building home within the years later.
QUESTION:  Why did you attend university of technology  Yogyakarta?
ANSWER : I decided on university of technology  Yogyakarta   The college has an excellent reputation for Its English Dept  It also gave me an opportunity to participate in excellent English Speaking Club community which helped me to practice my English speaking skill with other students.
QUESTION : Why did you major in English ?
ANSWER :I chose English because I enjoyed learning a foreign language and studying the culture. While some people may think this is not a useful major, I believe it has prepared me well for the type of work I want to do. English helped me develop my knowledge, in using computer and teaching and other subjects. I can quickly get a lot of information and most issues or problem and reformulate them into agenda for my works.
QUESTIONS : What are your qualifications?
I have over 6 years of progressively responsible experience with Education industry. Each year I have exceeded my performance goal. The latest I tried to train some students to play in an English Drama and I was successful. Training a drama was difficult but I was able to encounter the problems. My headmaster gave me good appreciation of my work because I was the first teacher who was successful in training Drama in our school.
QUESTIONS : What do you like most about your present/most recent job?
I really enjoy working with the people there. I can freely post a new idea and they support my idea in developing and implementing lesson plans. I’m looking forward to working in a similar environment that encourages team efforts, and initiative.
QUESTIONS : What do you like least about your present/most recent job?
I didn’t like always having to crisis manage and work overtime to meet deadlines. I like to see my work get done on time and with the least amount of stress. During the first year I should make lesson plans which are very different from my previous office. It made me stressed. But during the second year I developed a new planning and scheduling system that enabled my woks to meet all of the deadlines with minimal stress.


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