success in IELTS tips and tricks

Success in IELTS tips and tricks

       IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. This test is one of the requirements in academic education and training for anyone who wants to study or work in English speaking countries. There are some tests that are alike to IELTS. They are TOEFL and TOEIC. I am not going to talk about the difference among those test systems but the article is about IELTS.
          There are more than 400 test centers around the world. Most test centers are held by the British Council, IELTS Australia, Language Schools, and Universities. If you want to know more about IELTS you can visit
About the test
-      There are paper based test and computer based test.
-      You must bring a pencil and a rubber while encountering the test.
-      You have to bring two ID cards such as passport, national id card, driving licenses and others.
-      The listening section is played once. After 30 minutes section you will have 10 minutes to transfer your notes to the answer sheet.
-      You will talk about general experience in speaking test. The interviewer will not ask about specific topic. You have one minute to organize your thought.
-      You get the result within 2 weeks after the test in a test center where you enroll.
-      Your score is based on band. It ranges from 1 to 9. 7 is good user.
-      Your score is valid for two years.
-      You can repeat the test after three months to improve your English language through class study or self-study.

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