Ten best ppc service for publishers

Ten best ppc service for publishers

            These are top ten best ppc services for publishers. It must be familiar for blogers and net marketers or businessman the word” pay per click “ . PPC is a kind of advertisement, which gives blogers or webers to share the revenue by putting on the advertising on their webs or blogs. The revenue is deferent among PPC holders. It ranges from $0,01 to $1 per click. If you have a blog or a web you register to one of the PPC site, then you put on the advertising code on your blog or web, you will earn share from traffic or visitors who click the ads. The more clicks you get the more cash you earn. The payment option can be various. The most popular e payment processor is Paypal. You can have e currency free join here.
You can choose which best ppc services that suitable to your blogs or websites.
1. Google adsense
            This is the most popular ppc service owned by google. The share of the revenue is high and the ads can reach the target appropriately

2. text-link-ads.com
            You will get 60% of the text link, which comes up in your website. You can choose the advertising offered that is suitable to your web topic.

2. linkworth.com 
                   There are many choices or ads to be placed on your site. You have many options which are the best ads. There is also text type.

3. crispads.com
            There are more than six thousand advertisers. You can select which is the best for your     website. Learn and try the ads. Which are suitable to the blog or web topics.

4. azoogleads.com
            Publishers will get additional traffic because the advertisers are brought to your blog or website. The advertisers decide what the best product or services to be advertised.

5. Chitika
            It is similar to others. They place the suitable ads target to your website or blog.

6. clicksor.com
               It appears in row ads. There will be underlined text in your posting which links to the advertisers.

               There are two types of ads here. First pay per click where you will paid depend on how many clicks in your site and pay per performance where you will be paid to the traffic who clicks and join in the services of the ads.

8. adgenta.com
               Ads that you can put on the web are pictures. You can place some pictures in your site.

9. bidvertiser.com
               You have flexibility to place the ads where you like. It is still pay per click program.

10. bloggingads.com
               You can place ads in your posting. The payment system is via Pay pal.

               You can join those ten best ppc services. You can decide and take survey, which is best for your blogs or websites. You can make money by sharing revenue of click through ratio from your blogs. 

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