Is fast2earn scam | legit

Is fast2earn scam | legit
            Making money from internet is full of fraud sites. There are thousands scam sites. You can know how to identify scam sites easily if you are careful enough before you sign up money making program from internet.  Some scam sites are typical. You have to be careful if you get offered to make money from your email or your searching. Is fast2earn scam or legit site? This is a topic that I want to discuss with you.
            Is fast2earn scam or legit site? When you visit this site you will know that it is paid to click (PTC) program. One of the menus is paid to click. The rate of the click is $ 0,01 per click. You know that it is a PTC site so that you can compare with other PTC sites.
            Another menu is putting banner on your blog or website to make money. You will be paid $ 0,01 per unique visitor to your blog. You will also be paid to get referral from your banner. You will earn $ 1 per referral. It is a big money for a PTC site. From those characters you can judge whether fast2earn is scam or legitimate site.
            The payout is $ 200. You can imagine how many clicks you have to make to reach the pay out limit. You have to do 20000 clicks. You may get to a neurologist after you get $200. You may be hospitalized and spend more than $ 500 for you hospital charge. Alright, you can get referral from your visitors of you blog or website. You need to have 200 people to join. Do you think it is easy to get referrals? It is not as easy as you think.
            Most PTC sites have low payout. $10 is a low payout. Even an affiliate sites or PPC sites have low payout. has $ 50 payout and Google adsense has $ payout. Fast2earn has $ 200 payout. Do you know the reputation of fast2earn better than google adsense or ?
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            You can check fast2earn in forums. You will know what most people say about it. When I looked for reference of fast2earn I dropped to PTC I think I trust the owner reputation to investigate many PTC sites. You can check the review or fast2earn scam or not here if fast2earn is scam or legit site.
            Whatever it is, fast2earn is a grey site. I think you’d better not waste your time clicking thousands times. You do not need to spend your time clicking your mouse or waiting for your referrals from your blog to reach your payout limit. $ 200 is big money for a PTC site. I don’t judge whether fast2earn is scam or legit. I trust you that you are better than me and have more experience in making money online. 

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