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How to start | monetize your blog
            You can start your blog easily. You can choose free blogs. They are,,, and tents of free blogs. I use blogspot to publish my articles because blogspot is easy to manage. Here some tips to start blogging and you can monetize your blog.

            How to make money from blog is one of net biz opportunity, which everyone can participate on it. Many people try to take this chance but most of them fail. Being a blogger is not easy but it is not difficult too. Here are some tips from experts how to start blogging.
1.      You have to treat your blog as a business or as a hobby. You don’t work for blog but you nurture your blog to grow. How you take care of your blog must be equal to treat your business. Therefore, you have to choose a topic which interests us so that you enjoy managing your blog. If you like cooking, you must choose topic about culinary.

2.      You’d better write articles offline before you post them because you will focus on your writing. Writing off line will be easier because you will not be disturbed any activities like chatting and playing games. You need to collect some resources before writing. You can browse and search on the internet then copy all the resources. After you have the copy, you can transfer all the articles into your own language so that you will not take someone articles. You will have different and original articles.

3.      You must prepare good contents and enough numbers of articles to post. I think it is good to have about some articles at the first time you start blogging. The more articles you post the more traffic you get. You have to remember that writing on blogs is not like writing a book or a novel. There is a key of blog marketing. That is search engine optimization (SEO). You have to write similar topics or related topic for all articles. If you write about health, you have to write all titles that contain the word health. Here are some examples, food for health, health and fitness, life and health, work and health, and many identical titles.

4.      You have to build as many as links because the more links you have the more sensitive your blog to the search engines so that your blog will always appear at the fist page. You can submit your blog to free or paid directories so that you can get back links from those directories.

5.      Blog walking is important activity to get more backlinks. You can visit other blogs and leave comment and your blog Url or blog address. You will get free backlinks that make your blog sensitive to search engines.

6.      To monetize your blog you can apply your blog to google adsense or other pay per click (PPC) ad program after your blog is qualified enough. Don’t apply to PPC programs if your blog is still new and has low traffic. If you do this your blog will not be approved. You will be difficult to apply for PPC programs in the second time.

7.      Join social bookmark and put your blog Url in your profile and start making friends so that your blog will get backlinks and your profiles will be popular.
            Blogging is an interesting activity for me. I think if you have writing skill you can start blogging and you have a hope to make money from your blog. Your articles are your long-term investment. You have to read and search for reference from successful bloggers how to start and monetize your blog.

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