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Support campaign stop plagiarism

            Last night I got asleep late. I just thought about my articles that got the traffic down. I wondered why the traffic fell sharply. I just thought I would copy and paste then put the articles in my blog post. I did not do that because I did plagiarism. I just want to tell to everybody that plagiarism have taken down my articles.
            No one wants to have his article copied and published without permission. Articles are investment. I just want to write as many as articles and get profit from my articles someday. Unfortunately, I am a poor marketer and have no much knowledge about SEO.
            I find many articles that are resemble one and another. I think the publishers copy from someone who is not a net marketer or unlucky true writer.  I do not really like copying articles. I like my original articles published. However, on the first days of my articles published they have good traffic. The hits fall down sharply after a week or two weeks. That is damn thing.
            Publishing articles is fun activity for me when I see high hits. I am so proud that my articles are widely accepted. I think you have the same feeling as me. What do you think if your articles are copied and the plagiaries get much profit from your articles? Will you take them to a court? Where do you live? You can do nothing when you live in Asia and the plagiaries live in Europe. That is very pity of us.
            One of my expectations is that all search engines should ban the articles because they can detect copy paste action. They had better close the sites that like doing plagiarism. Thousands or even million writers can be supporters to stop plagiarism. I am one of them. If you like this campaign, please do this campaign together!
            There is much benefit for all parties if we are together can stop plagiarism. I think the net business will slow down for a while but I think it no need more than a month to grow. I am sure the competition of net biz will be fair if there is no plagiarism. Everyone who has talent can grow.

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