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Make money-writing articles
            Make money writing article is a long-term investment for you. Let us calculate how productive are you? If you can write an article a day how many article do you have. You will have 365 articles. That is a great investment.  You may not gain the profit at the first few months but let your investment work for you.
            Do you know Triond, Bukisa, Infobarrel, factoidz and Helium. They are sites that give you opportunity to article. This opportunity is open for all countries around the world. Writing articles on those sites is not the quick way to get rich but it is a long-term investment because those sites will give you passive income.
            Let’s talk about Triond. Triond pays you perviews. It will calculate your earning of your articles. It is not big only $ 0,01 per twenty or 50 impressions. The weakness Triond is poor article marketing. The traffic is low. If you are a SEO master, you will not have a problem to promote your articles. 
            Bukisa and Helium is similar to Triond. You have the same opportunity. Your earning calculation is on sharing revenue impression with the advertiser. The main advertiser is Adsense and Chitika. The traffic of these sites is low too.
            Infobarrel has little bit difference from those three sites. It gives you opportunity to make money by sharing earning from Adsense, Chitika and Amazon Affiliate. You have more opportunity to make big money here because when people buy Amazon from your article link you will get commission from the sale. Besides that, you get advertiser-sharing revenue. You can also insert two links services of your blog or websites. 

            Factoidz gives you up front payment for your articles besides sharing revenue. It is a great site but you have to apply for the writer position. If the admin accept your application, you can start to write and earn your dollars.
            Make money writing article is not easy but it is not difficult. You just need to pick up a topic that you know much. The topic, which is deep, is great for marketing. You just recognize your talent and knowledge. What are you? if you have know you can start to write and make money writing article. 

Expertcolumn is a great site. it will give you $5 for 1000 traffic. The traffic is great. what you need you must write good content. you can sign up here free.I don't recommend this site anymore.

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