idiom in english language-go

1.     My brother went in for taxation
                       (Made a study) mempelajari                
2.     Years went by.
               (Passed by) berlalu
3.     The bus has just gone.
                  (Has just leave) berangkat
4.     I shall go by what my father said to me.
               ( follow) mengikuti
5.     Bob goes to sleep.
            (Get to) tidur
6.     The riot has gone bad.
                  (becomes bad) menjadi buruk
7.     They didn’t the old cars expensively. it went for $200
                                                                 (Was sold)
8.     All the effort has gone for nothing.
                         ( without result) tanpa hasil
9.     I went for the thief with a stone last night.
       ( attacked) menyerang
10.      The show went on although it rain hard last night.
                    (continued) berlanjut
11.      Her examination scores went off after she had got severe sick.
                                         ( got worse) menurun
12.      You should go over the lesson.
                        ( repeat) mengulang
13. The fire has gone out after some fireman fight for few hours.
                  ( has turned off) padam
14.The T-shirt doesn’t go with your jeans.
                       ( doesn’t match) tidak cocok           
1.     The old man has gone.
                         ( has died)

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