english idiom phrases-tell-say

1.     She likes telling a lie instead of telling the truth.
2.     I can’t tell you how glad I am to see you.
                ( can’t express) tidak bisa mengungkapkan
3.     You can’t tell a lie. Your eyes tell your own tale.
                                                   ( explain themselves)
4.     The artist makes a most telling use of color.
                                         ( effective)
5.     There are many students in the classroom all told.
                                                                    ( counting everyone)
6. What I say is about my experience.
7.     How much is the car? I shall say $500 for an old car.
8.     I had no say in the problem.
             ( no opinion)
9.     He goes without saying anything.
                  ( he doesn’t tell)                                                      
10.      What do you say to a drink?
                         ( come and have a drink)

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