learn english idiom-make

1.     I have done with this therapy. I am getting better.
       ( no longer need it) tidak perlu lagi
2.     Take the medicine! It won’t do you any harm.
                                                (threaten) membahayakan
3.     The beef is underdone but I prefer well done.
                       (Not cooked well)    (well cooked)
                        Setengah matang     matang
4.     I have nothing to do with this job.
               (Doesn’t concern) tidak ada yang dikerjakan
5.     Let’s be up and doing!
6.     When do you make it?
                          (Say it) mengatakanya
7.     I can’t make out what you mean.
                ( understand) mengerti
8.     The shoes are home-made.
                          (manufactured at home) hasil industri rumahan
9.     Make sure you come!
     (Confirm) memastikan
10.      The program is excellent. Have you made it up by yourself?
11.      The girl has too much make-up on her face.
                                      ( polish) make up
12.      Jack has become a self made-man.
                                ( become successful by his own effort;no formal
                                   education) sukses karena usaha sendiri: tanpa
                                   pendidikan formal
13.      Jane works as a tailor to make a living.
                                          ( earn money) memperoleh penghasilan
14.      Sam is going to make a good salesman because he likes meeting and                                 (become ) menjadi
     enjoys talking with a lot of people.

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