english idiom and meaning-come

English idiom-come

1.     The design of the jacket comes in our country
                                          (trend) menjadi tren
2.     I came across my old friend yesterday.
       (meet accidentally) bertemu tidak sengaja
3.     Jenny has come down in her family.
               (become less important) menjadi tidak penting
4.     We expect to achieve the best team but we didn’t come off.
                                                                                ( happen) terjadi
5.     Your voice us coming on very well.
                          Progressing ( berubah)
6.     When does the magazine come out? It comes out on Sundays.
                                           ( published) terbit
7.     That is an antique car. How did you come by it?
                                                           ( obtain) mendapatkan
8.     Jack saw a woman in trouble. He came forward to help.
                                                       Did action ( mengambil tindakan)
9.     Come on boys! Do the best!
     Imperative meaning to get attention! ( memerintah/ mengajak)
10.      The blow knocked the boxer unconscious. It took few minutes for him to come round.
        (Conscious ) sadar

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