famous english idiom-look

English idiom-look

1.     I am looking forward to meeting you.
              Ingin segera ( soon)
2.     The house is small but it has pleasant-looking living room.
                                                  Enak dilihat ( good looking)
3.     Look at the tree! It is tall.
     Lihatlah( see)
4.     It looks like rain today.
          Seolah-olah( as if)
5.     I will overlook your fault this time but not in the future.
              Memaafkan (Forgive)
6.     My mother looks after me patiently.
              Merawat ( take care)
7.     There is a pleasant outlook from here.
                                  pemandangan (View)                   
8.     Let me have a look at your work.
                        Meliahat ( see)
9.     I don’t know the word means. I will look up my dictionary.
                                                             Mencari (Find out)
10.                        I have been looking around but I got nothing.
                        Go around ( Berkeliling)

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