is probux scam or legit ptc site

Easiest way to earn money online with probux .Probux is letimate ptc site. You can see full review of the site on there are many types of earning pages. You can earn money from them. The easiest is PTC or paid to click. Go to the viewads page. You will see some buttons with the nominal earning you can get. The purple button is $0.001 and the green one is $0.001 , if you are lucky you will have the light brown button. It is worth 0.01.

To maximize your earning you can rent referrals. 3 referrals for only $0.6. you can use your balance to rent referrals or you can deposit via paypal account. However, you can’t deposit before a week as an active member. Just click the ads everyday. You can get additional income with your probux.

You can use offers page to earn points. You can follow instruction from the offers from third parties job. Another way to increase your earning you refer your promotional link to others via blog or twitter tweet or fb shares. Get the URL link with your referral code. Share the link with banner on your blog or URL link if you use social medias. You can sign up and you can find a site that is the easiest way to make money online for free. See full view of probux

 NOw Probux is scam, I can't open my accaount , it always says 404 error.

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