is donkey mail scam or legit paid to read site

Is donkeymail scam? This site is trusted and save. It also pays the members. The admin is Sebas also owns jilsclickcorner and getpaidmail. All sites are under multimoney group. Donkey mail is a good site. You can see full review at it is trusted and legit. No Minimum Payout

How much you can pay out ? the pay out is $1 via paypal. The earning is also great. You can get $0.0025 per email but you only get $0.001 per paid to click. To increase your earning you can use paid to sign up it is worth from $0.05 to 0.20 per sign up.

You can refer to others via blog , twitter or facebook. If you have other social media sites you can promote your referral link through them.

There are about 4 to 11 email per day. you will earn $0.01 to 0.04 byr reading email per day. Referral is important, to get more referral you can promote your referral link via other ptc sites. You can offer sign up for about $0.10 per sign up. You need to prepare your budget $2 to $4 for 20 sign up. If all the new sign up referrals are active you will get passive income from them and multiple your earning.

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