Most searched online freelancer

            Freelance jobs are widely open today. You can search for freelance job online. You can choose many job lists. There are hundreds sites that assign their job to freelancers. Freelancing is a new way to make money online.
            These are most searched freelancers online. What are you?

  1. Freelance writer
      You can select this job if you are good at writing skill. You’d better pick a topic that you familiar with because your writing will be more flavorsome to your readers. If you are interested in children, you can choose a topic about children games, children development and others that relate to children. There are some categories of writing jobs. Here they are;
-          paid review writer
      You need to write product review. Even it is about a product or a service
      you ‘d rather choose a product that you interested in and know much
-          Topic guide writer
      You have much knowledge about a certain theme. You should have
       trusted reference in your writing. If you write about bullying you must
      have reference to your articles so that you writing is trusted and correct.
-          E – book writer
      You have quality to write a book. You must know the rules of writing a
      book because writing e book is different from blog post. It is high payment       
       freelance job but is only for qualified person.
-          creative writer
      You must be creative. You must have skill to write an entertaining short
       stories, drama, or poet. It is only for creative and imaginative person to
       get this job.

  1. Freelance webmaster
      This is a highly paid job. You must master website builder language such as Java script, PHP, and HTML. You can also use WYSIWYG program. You may be familiar with dreamweaver, and frontpage. You can use those programs to build your website. There are many sites to offer your skill. They are O desk, getfreelancer, getacoder, and Elance. You must create your portfolio to show your talent to your potential clients.
  1. Freelance graphic designer
      This is an artistic job. You must be a creative person.  You have to own sense of art. You can use coreldraw and photoshop to do your work. You should have photo stocks. Your job is to make logo, banner, book cover, and other advertising tools. Many sites offer freelance jobs. You can also join Wariorforum to show your work in a forum.
  1. Freelance translator
      You can get translation job if you are good at one of foreign language or you are good at English language. Many companies need translators to transfer their website or product review in your native language. Most companies do not accept software translation. They only accept human translation. You have to open your dictionary to do your book if you find difficult words.
  1. Freelance Tutor
      You have good skill at one job field. You can help students in their study. You can find tutorial job at or

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