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            Writing is difficult. Many people cannot write an article at all. If you have writing skill, you have many opportunities to make money online. You can recognize what types of writer you are. If you know your strength and your weakness in writing, you can start to make money online. Paid review is one of make money writing online.
            Writing product review is one of the most popular paid writing programs online. There are many types of paid review. First, you just need to sign up to the site. You do not need a blog or a website to write review. There are number of product lists you can choose to write. You’d better write a product that you are familiar with. You can visit, and and many others. Second, you have to own a blog or website. The paid review programs usually require popular blogs or website to join as publishers. You become the publisher partner. You write product review on your postings. You need to insert links with anchor texts of the advertisers’ websites on your postings.
            Here some of the most popular and trusted paid review sites you can join. You can choose all the sites if you have a blog or website.
  1. Reviewme.
      it is one of the trusted site to write review. The payment is high. Some writer can get $ 20 per article. The payment depends on your blog rank and quality of your writing. The advertiser will pay you higher if you have high PR blog. If you have PR 3 blog you can join this site.
  1. payperpost
      it is not different from reviewme. There are hundreds writer get much profit from their articles. You’d better not join this site if you have PR blog 0. you may be rejected or you will not get a job. Why do some advertisers prefer to choose high pr blog? It is because High PR blog will influence their products or websites rank better in search engines.
      The admin is the same as Your blog with PR 0 can join this program but you will be difficult to get a project from advertiser. The pay out is $ 50 via your paypal account.
  1. Inblogad
      You need to have blog with high PR. I applied my blog when my blog had PR 0. The admin declined my blog.
      It is a new paid review site. The admin is the same as backlink genius is a new way to monetize your blog. You just need to be approved to join. The advertisers will choose your blog articles to insert their link. You will get reciprocal link and earn income to join backlinkgenius. Postgenius is pure paid review. It has high standard. Your blog must have PR 1 at least. My blog was rejected I did not know the reason. I think my blog doesn’t have a specific topic.
  1. loudlaunch
  2. Smorty
      Both paid review sites need high requirements for your blog.
  1. sponsoreview
  2. buyblogereview
  3. paidpublish

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