Most used internet payment system | method

Most used internet payment system

            Doing business online needs secure payment systems. I used to think that I had to own a credit card to make transaction online. After searching everywhere, I got the answer. There are many secure online payment systems. You can sign up easily without deposit some cash fish because it is free to join. Some companies provide the system. it is called e-currency or online payment system.
            The payment system uses email when you sign up to join as the account address. Paypal and Alertpay use email address, for example, . Those email address are your account to make online transaction. Some payment methods use code like U230488 .

            Here are most used online payment systems.
  1. Paypal
      It is widely used. You can sign up for free. You need to verify your account to make transaction more than $100 and to enable transfer to bank account in your country. You still can use your unverified account to make transaction under $100 only to the same paypal address.
  1. Alertpay
      It is the same as Paypal. the payment method is similar too. You can receive Euro with your Alertpay.
  1. Liberty Reserve
      It is little bit different from Paypal and Alertpay. Your account is code like U23232. you can receive Euro, dollar and gold. It is usually used in forex trading, Paid to click, and HYIP programs. Only few affiliate sites use this payment method. You cannot transfer to your bank account in your country but you have to change your balance with your country’s currency. There are many moneychanger services you can use to make exchange and transfer to your bank account in your country.
  1. Perfect money
      It is the same as Liberty Reserve.
  1. Money broker
  2. Trust pay
  3. Web money
  4. Net teller
  5. Ipaymu
  6. Virtapay

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  1. Thank you for the information. I do believe Paypal is the most used among them all.

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