Make money free as freelance translator

Make money as freelance translator
Make money as freelance translator is another way to make money online. You are not allowed to use software to translate. You make your reputation to your clients. You must use your own English skill because most clients need human translation to finish.
            Globalization has caused the growth of businesses and industries. A small industry often becomes a worldwide company. The fast growth of the industries is not coherence with the human skill in cross-cultural communication. One of the barriers of cross-cultural communication is language. Language becomes an important aspect of success of business in the recent days.
            Language is as means of communication both oral and written. There are thousands language all over the world. Only few languages, which, are internationally used. The most used language in business is English.
            Some small businesses do not have human resources who know English well. This weakness causes slow growth of the businesses. knows this business opportunity. It becomes a bridge to connect between some industries and freelance translators. Business owners can get their job done and freelance translators can get paid to finish the owners projects.
            If you have an excellent skill in English, you can browse translation job listings here. You need to sign up and write your portfolio. The contractors will find you to do their translation job. If you do not get the job, you can bid for the job offers. You can choose which ones you can finish at the deadline. You build your reputation here. If you can give the best service, your name will be recorded and you will not get job anymore or you will be difficult to get projects again.
            You can bid job from $ 3 per article. You may find some competitors there. What you need to do you must show your best service and work. Your clients may need your work continuously if you can make them satisfied. If you can build the good relationship, you will not bid the job but your clients will contact you to finish their projects. 
            All contractors need human translation. They do not want software translation. You have to translate your job correctly and accurately because the contractors can detect if you use machine translation. You need a dictionary in this way to help you understand difficult words. Show your best work so make money as freelance translator can give you additional income.

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