How to remove my paypal limit easily

Paypal is a the greatest payment system. It will detect and prohibit misuse of paypal account for crimes and money loundring. It also prevent from stolen account so it is very sensitive. One of the action that paypal does is limitation status. You still receive money but you can’t make any transcation. Why your paypal is limited? There are many reasons. One of them is unusual activity and appeal from your business partners.

This is my experience when my account is limited and how to get out from this situation. First, you have to complete the task; change your password, enter security words, and enter your credit card number ( if you have).

Second, you should contact the admin via contact us form. You should write the chronological event why your account is limited. You also need to beg the admin to remove the limitation.

This is the contact letter that I sent to paypal.

Dear Ahmad Fauzi,

Thank you for contacting PayPal with your concern.

We have received your appeal and, upon its review, your limited account access has been restored.

We apologize for any inconvenience that you have experienced. You are free to log into your account and use our services.

We appreciate your business and hope to continue serving your online payment needs.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.



PayPal Account Review Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

From: ahmadfz####@
Sent: Friday, January ##, #### ##:##:## PM (-##:##)
Subject: NegativeBalance/Limitations (ID: C###-L###-T#####-S###-W#L####)

Form Message

customer subject:


customer message:

>Topic: 'Negative Balance/Limitations'
>Sub Topic: 'How do I resolve my limitation?'
>case_id: 'PP-002-906-675-774'
>message: 'Dear Sirs
>I received few days ago an email stated that there was unusual activity in my paypal account. The email was sent on ## January ####.
>I was very shock. I have the same cases before and the case has been resolved. I think paypal security center has done a great job to prevent misuse of paypal from different users. that's that make me trust to use paypal.
>I am personally very shocked with the status because I am doing my online business. I use paypal as the transaction methode when my paypal status is limited I can't do it anymore. I would have more lost in the future.
>Technically, I am still learning about paypal. I still learn how to use paypal payment system applied to my blog and website. I often do some activities in my paypal account without any transaction. that is why you as the administrator suspect that it is unusual activity.
>I don't remember the date. I recognize that I logged in my paypal account via my office computer before ## of January so the IP could be different from now. I also tried to buy a domain name from but when I entered the payment page I found no item order from hostingdude. I did the activity many times but still item bill could not be found. I cancel the transaction without any transfer.
>Recently, few days ago I received earning from my online stores from Carson I was very happy that I want to use the cash to develop my business. The bad thing I received that my paypal status was in limitation.
>It was very inconvenient. I don't have nothing to say. I never think to misuse my paypal account and I don't know how to do that so it is impossible for me.
>I expect that you will remove my limitation status. I need to grow. I love paypal. When I grow I think paypal will earn more benefit. should I say I am an honest and fair businessman? I don't think so.
>How can I remove my limitation status? I personally beg you to help me to overcome this situation. I apologize if there are some words that disturb you.
>I am looking forward to your reply soon.
>Yours Faithfully
>Ahmad Fauzi' “

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