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The growth of social media is amazing. All social media offers many features. One of the growing social media is traiborg. It is a social media marketing that integrates internet marketing and social community. There are many features you can get. You can promote your business here. The amazing thing from this social media traiborg. It pays the members. There are some commission value plans you can get., Social Network belonging to TRAIBORG CREATIONS, SL CIF-B04736823, registered in Almeria, Spain. Our goal is to provide our users all in one place, security, e-commerce, communication tools and a great business opportunity at the same time.

Please read carefully all the information on this page, you'll see more than 40 reasons that make us different. offers the following services and compensation plans:

1. The following table shows the services and earnings for all members FREE or VIP.

2. R.M.W. The Rapid Money Wheel: consists in packages of text ads, with a monthly cost of only 5 euros (+ VAT only in Spain).



* It is an exclusive system of announcements of text and image, displayed in rotation on all pages of the TRAIBORG community.

* Each ad has a cost of only $ 100 (plus tax only for Spain) and Paypal fees you pay only once for life and you can edit as many times as desired, being visible for all internet pages to be indexed in all search engines.

* The ad format can watch live here on the same page, in the right column.

* The Community Traiborg shared with advertisers for 85% bonus through a money generating system, sustainable indefinitely and fed on 3x2 matrices (small) of only 12 positions are independent and rotating arrays for life on three levels different. Each ad purchased will automatically create a position in the matrix of the member and you can buy as many ads as you wish.

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