where to get free shares from internet

This is a real income from internet you will earn money daily just for being the member !

You no need to spend money to join. It is free. There are some choices of earning money in the site ! Get paid for visiting the advertisers sites. You will earn shares that give residual income daily. This site is part of multymoney group run by Sebas. He own some websites like donkeymail, jillsclickcorner and getpaidmail. He is a trusted businessman.

In the members area, you see some areas to earn. offer paid e-mails, paid to click ads, and a manual surf program. Get paid to signup for services and offers provided by the advertisers!

The payment is via paypal, egopay, payza and others web payment services. You can cash out when your earning reach $10.

How do you earn money?

Myfreeshares.comIt is very simple. After you join for free , you will earn 1 share. You will be able to earn more shares by referring other people to our service ( 5 referral levels scroll down to find out more ), or you can earn shares with clicking links and for joining Free and paid offers.

You earn more money by selling banner impressions, website ads and e-mail ads. All earnings are divided by total number of shares members have. That is how we get COMMISSION PER SHARE value. e.g. if you earn $5 in 24 hours, and there are 1000 shares ( in total ), commission per share will be $5 / 1000 = $0.005. So, if you have 200 shares, your commission ( that day ) will be $0.005 x 200 = $1.0.

Minimum payout is $10. Payout options are Paypal, Payza and different other options. Money you earn will be sent to you on your request, maximum 14 days after requested.

The site is protected from SPAM. All members that use SPAM to promote MyFreeShares referral page will be CANCELLED. No multiple account.

You had to be active in the last 100 days to earn daily share earnings. So after 100 days inactive your earnings will stop till you become active again.

Each day you lose 0.15% of your total shares you had on that day.

Boost Your Earnings You can increase your earnings by referring your friends to the site. When your referrals click on an advertiser's link you will also get credit for it. This is not a multi-level marketing site however - you are not required to refer anyone to the site.

Just click the banner to join you will earn everlasting shares online within 5 minutes.

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