What's google plus for seo?

Google designed Google+ in an effort to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. Basically, the user experience on Google+ is similar  to that of Facebook. The idea with Google+, however is to make it easier to share content with “Circles,” which are specific sets of people instead of just publishing content on your wall for everyone to see.

It is important to remember that social media isn't about you; it's about everything around you. As you consider how your customers want to communicate with you, social media is something that can't be ignored.
Users are always online researching for products, services, and brands. If  you’re wondering why you should care about Google+, you should look at a  few ways it can benefit you and your clients.

SEO benefits—Think of the millions of people who do Google searches every day. If you want to increase your Search Engine  Optimization, SEO, you have to consider one thing—Google will always favor itself. When you share pages from your website on your Google+ page, you are helping your business rank higher in the Google Search Engine. It also increases your chance of actually having your target audience see you. In other words, it gets you “out there.”

Reaching influencers—Google+ is new, and that’s one of the great things about it. Since it is new, it allows you to take your time. You can learn all about it, figure out what you like about it, and grow slowly. Even though Google+ is new, there are already a lot of influencers on it. Since it’s in its early stages, you’ll have a smaller audience to reach out too, and you can begin to build relationships with these influencers at a pace where you can actually get to know them.

More efficient sharing—If your clients/prospective clients are using Google+, you’ll have the ability to target your content a way that is easy and efficient. It can be much more effective than other social networks. Using the “Circles” on Google+, you can place followers into categories. This is similar to email lists. You get to choose who your content goes to. By doing so, you can send your piece of content to your entire audience or specific circles of your choosing. You may want to send out one type of information to prospective clients, and another type to those who are already your clients. This avoids the wasted time of your clients reading
material meant for those who don’t already know and trust you.

They’ll appreciate not getting “junk” email from you. They’ll only get valuable information intended for them. This makes sharing on Google+ much more efficient and effective.

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