How to get qualified Back Links to your blog or website?

It is imperative for a marketer to create quality back links. There are several methodologies but our focus in this text would be on creating back links with reference to article marketing, as article marketing is one of the popular ways to get quality back links. Here are some constructive strategies: 

- Develop Quality Content – The Natural Way: Articles serve as “Cold Call” to your website. The more informative your article would be, the more are the chances of people liking it, trusting you and visiting your website. So ‘Never Compromise On The Quality of Your Content’.

- Appropriate Anchor Resource Box: Anchor resource box is the best way to generate back links. It is essential for a marketer to know how to create a proper anchor text and resource box. A detailed overview will be presented in one of the later chapters.

-Research for popular sites: You can do this by taking advantage of certain tools like Back link Binder tools that gives you a list of popular sites where you can post your articles for free. But why for free? It is because these web sites need quality contents. You submit your articles there for free and in return they can link back to your website.

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