how to generate blog traffic ?

All blogs need traffic. Without it your blog is pretty pointless to say the least – but how do you generate traffic? Well it isn’t that hard but it does require some work.

As your blog becomes more established, you should find that people start to come back to your blog again and again. Your blog posts will get picked up by the search engines too (they love blogs) but in the early days especially you’re probably going to have to invest quite a bit of effort in traffic generation.

So, I’m going to take you through some of my favourite method that you can use to get yourself started…

1. Blog commenting

One of the best ways of driving some traffic is by using other people’s blogs.

The beauty of using blog commenting as a traffic method is that you can easily attract exactly the target audience whom you want to visit your blog – and best of all it’s completely free. So, to get started, you first of all need to find other related blogs in your niche.

You might already know them – but even if you don’t (or you want to find new ones) a quick Google search for keywords related to your niche + the word ‘blog’ should uncover some good ones.

You want to look for blogs which receive a high amount of traffic themselves. There is little point in spending hours commenting on blogs if nobody is ever going to see your comments…

How do you know if a blog gets a lot of traffic?

Just look at the amount of comments the posts get. If a blog is regularly getting at least 10 comments then you can usually be pretty confident that it receives a decent amount of traffic and thus is worth our time and attention.

So find some related blogs which look like they fit the bill and then go and make some comments.

Within the form you fill in to leave your comment there should be a field where you can enter a web address. Here you want to enter in your blog web address (e.g. .People will see your comments and (hopefully) click on your link and check out your blog.

What you want to do is leave insightful comments containing some good information. Never just say “great post” and leave that as your comment. Doing this makes it pretty obvious that you are just spamming in the hope of generating some traffic.

You want to leave fairly detailed comments. It’s fine to say “great post” so long as you say why you enjoyed it. If you can, show of your knowledge and prove to people that you are an expert on this subject. If you can appear like an expert, people will check out your blog too.

Try to add to the conversation. Maybe pick a couple of points out of the original post and add your own thoughts/opinions on it. Raise new questions and challenge what the post is saying if you don’t 100% agree with it.

Always look for ways of demonstrating your knowledge.

This is the secret to successfully using blog commenting as a traffic generation method – and trust me, if you do it right it IS highly effective.

You also of course get backlinks back to your blog, which is good for SEO and can help your blog to rank higher in the search engines.

2. Article marketing

Article marketing is one of the most well known traffic generation methods but it is still very effective. Write good solid articles and submit them to article directories. Contact other blog owners and ask if you can submit one of your articles as a guest post. On a similar note contact content site owners and submit your articles to them too. At the end of your article, simply link back to your blog or a specific post.

3. Viral marketing

Viral marketing is a very underused and underrated method. You don’t see many people talking about viral marketing, yet it is a very effective way of getting free traffic in your online business. Create a good quality eBook with solid content and include links inside to your blog.

Distribute it to as many people as you can and encourage them to pass it on. Give it away on the Warrior Forum and send it to eBay sellers. Etc.

4. Traffic from your list

Once you have built a list it is very easy to drive an instant surge of people to your blog simply by telling your subscribers whenever you make a new post.

Blogging is a great way to make money online.

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