reasons why using blogger as my blogging platform

Let’s talk about why using blogger as my blogging platform. Blogger have many features and they are easy to and friendly for beginner users. There are many themes from free to paid ones. Installing the theme is also need only few seconds. You can also customize the themes and add widgets. You can go to ad widgets buttons. Here are some features and reasons why using blogger as my blogging platform.

cheap blogger templates pack

Simple blog custom made domain without having web hosting

it is possible to pay out $10 to get the domain for just a total calendar year. And that’s the idea. Contrary to WordPress where by you need to pay out the cost to web page link your blog to a domain on top of buying the domain, all you accomplish is obtain a domain along with blogger and you will land the idea around your blog free of charge.

Easy and simple

Blogger is easy and simple. There are many widgets you can install on your blog. There are social media, adsense, and other widgets. Simple as well as cost-free. You need to sign up Gmail then it is possible to register within just a few moments, as well as even if you don’t have a very Gmail account. Go to blogger sign up, and with your gmail account you can set up a blog in a minute.

Unlimited blog themes

In the event building isn’t your own issue, there are lots of cost-free internet websites that contain many cost-free web templates which you can use. There are thousands free blog themes and paid ones. Using free blog themes is ok but you have to put the designer links in your blog. I suggest you use professional or premium themes. Are they expensive? Some of them yes but here is a pack of 40 HTML blogger themes for only $1.99. you can use and resell those themes.

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