free e-books of introduction to email marketing

There are two e-books of email marketing. Both are  free. You just need to download and read. They are in pdf format.
Email marketing is one of the key in successful online sales. You can get email lists and schedule sending offers. There are also some techniques how to copy writing of your email contents.

Your email lists and how to catch your prospective customers are parts of email marketing. You have to install a program that can capture email and subscribers of your website.

However, you should have data of your customers’ list niche. You can offer products or services that suit to your customers’ need. This book teaches you how to practice email marketing. It will not guarantee your successful sales but you have much knowledge how to use email as a powerful tool to campaign your business even you run a small business 

This book is free. You can download first book through this link and the second bookis here

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