reasons why using wordpress for self hosting blog platform

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform. Some top blogs use it. If you want to own a free blog you can use blogger or free wordPress platform. However, you will look professional if you use wordpress self-hosting. There are some reasons why you must use wordpress paid hosting.

1.      user friendly and easy to set up
setting up wordpress on your blog is simple. It can be done in minutes. When you buy hosting with autoisntaller control panel you only need one click to install. You need minimum technical skill to run wordpress self-hosting. You don’t have to master php script completely. The software is also free. You can download from

2.      simple control panel
The control panel in wordpress is easy to customize. You just need to drag and drop. You can learn the control panel at free if you want to run wordpress self-hosting. You no need script technical mastery to own a wordpress as your blogging platform.
3.      Cheap cost
You will only spend not more than $50 dollar if you want to set up wordpress self hosting. You can buy domain .info at godady  about $3.9 or .com about $9.9. you can use cheap hosting start from $ 1-3 per month or $ 12-36 per year.
4.      SEO friendly
Wordpress sites are seo friendly. Your site can reach at the top of page at google search quickly. Seo is very important to make your site popular. You will get nothing if your site isn’t indexed well in the major search engines. 
5.      Variety of wordpress themes
You can use a free theme or a premium one. The themes are creative, catchy and seo friendly. There are thousands topic you can choose. You can also find the perfect color of your website.
6.      More than one users content system
You can use wordpress as your personal website but you can add writers or contributors to your site using wordpress. You still the main author of the site. This site is good for e-magazines. If you have many correspondence, you can set up multi-content users system.
7.      Available plugin system.
This system help you develop your blog. You can choose from social media plugin ,seo pack, and J-query. The application of the plugin is sometimes only a click.
8.      Open project for developers.
If you are a webdesigner. Wordpress is open for development. You can make wordpress as you want. You must be good at php language to develop wordpress sites.

Wordpress is one of the must used blogging platform in the world. If there is a great software that you can use for free why you should create a new one. You can use CMS platform but wordpress is easier and more user-friendly.

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