how to make money writing online for beginner

Money writing online is a hard and painstaking job for beginners. Some new writers give up and discontinued to write. Everyone wants to earn passive income from working with words but unfortunately, the profession as a freelance writer or full time writer is not as easy as an ice cream or pop corn seller in front of Movie Theater.

There are some steps to be an online writer. If you want to enter this field, you must know the site map of the profession. You might have good skill in academic writing but writing online is a little bit different.

1. Do an action. You need to do simple research about your writing. You should start from your interest, knowledge and hobbies. This step is easy but sometime some beginners ignore it. Many successful writers teach to write your interest because you will have more information to write. Your readers will also can asses your writing content. They will know if you are a true expert or an inexperienced writer.

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2. Write and publish. You will get nothing if you never publish a single article online. You need to publish your work. You can choose revenue sharing sites or you publish on your own blog or website. Joining a revenue sharing site is easy and free. Your writing has to meet the publisher standard to be published. The hardest obstacle that some non-English writers have is grammar. Some publishers reject article submission due to grammar issues. If you find this problem, you can use proofread software to check your grammatical errors.

3. Focus. Your attention and energy to a project will gain a better result. You can get benefit from doing a lot of things meanwhile you are just a beginner. You do not have a number of projects that meet deadline. Finish one article and submit to a revenue sharing site. You should abandon your online activities like chatting via a social media. You have to quiet and start to write.

4. Be persistent. Writing online is not the same as getting a writing contract from a publisher. Some beginners stop writing after sending few articles and run away from money writing online. They get disappointed because they just earn small pennies from their articles. To keep away from this frustration, it is better to continue writing. Once you are able to earn a big hit, you will always receive your residual income from your published articles.

5. Have realistic objectives. You must set your objective everyday, every week and every month. The objective should be realistic. Being accepted in great revenue sites like Hubpages, infobarrel, eHow, or bukisa is the short term objective. Once your article is published you will see your earning from your article. You can assess how many hits per day. The more hits your article gets the more earning your income. You can calculate how much you can earn from few published articles. Your long term adjective might be jumping from low paying article sites to higher ones like magazines or bulletins.

6. Don’t forget to create your portfolio. You need to make your presence in online community. You should write your personal outlook honestly and captivatingly. Your readers will admit you as a professional writer. You are not an amateur. High paying sites prefer new writers to have skillful writing online.

7. Know basic SEO technique. Writing online is a little bit different from writing offline. You must learn basic SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). You must now the density of keywords in your articles. It is not difficult but you need to practice. A keyword is very important for increasing your article traffic.

Making money writing online is real work. You can earn passive income from your published articles. You can set your own blog or website. You can also submit your articles to revenue sharing sites.

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