how to make writing money at triond

1.       Make an original and unique content in English. must not copy and paste, because the going was rejected by Triond. If quoting from a book or other article, try the words are not exactly 100%. change the style of our own language. from my personal experience, every article I wrote contains less than 300 words, so do not need to elaborate. I was not the one who is good at English, but in fact most of the articles I had published in Triond and still get the reader. so you need not worry if your English grammar bad, even I myself have 3 software translator on my laptop, of course, to help my performance in Triond.
2.        Triond will publish your content on the network according to your content topic.
3.        the more you read, then chances are you'll also get a lot of revenue from ads that appear accompany your item. Your article although mediocre, but if many visitors (traffic) it will generate a lot of money. from my personal experience, usually link on Facebook to promote my articles, these tactics are very powerful way to generate traffic. We submit each article link in the Search engine (search engine submitter), this is another way that is also powerful enough to bring traffic.
4.        create content that makes people curious. Interesting content and making people curious enough to bring in traffic pretty well.
5.        Triond has a page "community" that I think is similar to the pattern of social networking sites. if we managed to publish an article then feed the article will appear in the dashboard Triond our friend. friend so it is likely we will visit the article. the more we add friend it is possible that the more articles we visited (bring in traffic). If already registered, please add me as a friend. My username on Triond.
6.        traffic (kunjungan) secara gratis, dan itu tentunya sama dengan mendatangkan dollar gratis.">Triond will promote your article automatically via the network, so you'll get additional traffic (visits) for free, and it certainly brings together a free dollars. he he he ... not true? so make as many articles as possible in order to promote opportunities in the greater also ...
7.        we will earn an additional 10% of the income of people we invite to join (Referral). so invite as many people through your referral LINK. you can promote it in forums or blogs.

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