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            Paid to write articles is one of methods of making money online. You can create your investment in your writing skill. You need to set up your account and find sell-able ideas and start writing. Writing online for profit is different from writing for academic purpose. You don’t have to worry if you have no experience for thesis of college degree. You need to write on your own style and flavorsome for your reader. You are talking to your audience. You will feel more comfortable writing online than writing for academic purpose. Here are some sites that give you opportunity to make money writing online free. 


This is a type of  blogging site. You can write your hobbies, interest and special reports. You can learn from now how to write in good and attractive words.  You will be paid but you must remember this site has standard of minimum posting you write.
           Do you have a skill to review a product? Or give recommendation to a certain product? Here are the places. You can earn up to $ 20 a review to the advertiser in it. You must be a blog owner to join this site. Your payment will be calculated based on your blog rank and popularity.

This is for you whose talent in creative writing. You can publish your short stories. You must have artistic sense of writing. I think it is hard for me to join the site.

you can share your experience and write down your tips for doing something. You will earn up to $3 for a short tip if it is published.

It is paid review sites. You need to have a blog. The difference of the site from other paid review is that you the advertiser will choose your present articles in your blog to get link. You must be productive writer because the more articles you write the more opportunity you will get from the advertiser.

This is suitable for a book writer. Do you have any collection of book in your desktop or in your filing cabinet in your house? You can publish your book here.

you need to apply to be a writer here. Once you are accepted you can start writing. You will get up front payment beside that you will earn passive income from your published articles.

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  1. This is very helpful article, but currently i don't have a site that will get accepted yet, do i have a chance with this blogs laptop and phone blog daily school info
    waiting for your reply.
    Between, which of them do you recommend?

  2. Another great paid to write site is Knoji. This site use to be known as Factoidz. They require only factual articles, not poems or things like that, and pay per article as well as per view once you have qualified.
    Knoji also has a question and answer section, where you can ask or answer questions on a huge range of topics, everything from health to business to pet care. The site is looking great and doing really well. You may want to check it out, its good even just to research information there.
    Great blog, well done.





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