Get paid | free backlink to submit blog

Get paid | free backlink to submit blog

            Backlinks are very important. The more backlinks your blog has the more sensitive to search engines. To increase traffic your blog has to be at the first page of search engines. There are some techniques to get to the top of page. One of them is getting more backlinks. Many ways you can do to get backlinks. Some blog owners or web owners are lazy to do manual work because it needs much time. Here are some ways to get backlinks.
1.      Leave comment on other blogs.
            You can leave comment everyday on other blogs or bloggers know as blog walking. Your comments will not generate your traffic but they will increase your backlinks. Blogs with high page rank are good source of backlinks.

2.      Submit your blog to blog directories.
            You need time to do this. You have to register and complete your blog description. If your blog has good content, the blog directory admin will approve your blog. Some blog directories have high standard. They sometime reject your blog submission because your blog does not meet the standard. You also need to put reciprocal link because your submission is free of charge.

3.      Buy backlinks from high page rank blogs or websites.
            You can buy backlinks from advertisers that offer backlinks. You have to spend much money. You can also buy links from blog directories. You do not need to put reciprocal links to your blog. Your blog will be 90 % approved even though your blog does not meet the standard submission.

4.      Join social bookmarks.
                        You can get qualified backlinks from social bookmark. It is easy to get
because you can add your blog to your profile. Your backlinks will not drive the blog traffic but they will improve performance to search engines. This is a free backlinks you can submit everyday. You can submit your article to 25 bookmarks everyday. It is free it is still available.

5.      Get paid | get free backlink to submit your blog to

 This is a new method of getting backlinks. You can get backlinks free and you can earn some money. First, you sign up and add your blog. If your blog is approved you can go to the dashboard page. Then, You apply the plug in button. After few days you can check your summary of your articles. You will see your approved , rejected, pending, and deployed articles. A blog with page rank 1 will earn $ 0,01 per day. If you have 20 deployed articles your earning will be  0,2 per day and you will earn about $ 6 per month. The threshold of the payout is $ 50. you can calculate your estimated earning at the calculator page. 

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