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Most Motivators mistakes
          Motivators often make mistakes. They sometimes are too optimistic to say in their speech. I am sure that they do not have any skill besides talking something that hypnotizes their audiences. That is the worst thing that I have ever heard when they say you can be a rich man, you can be a successful person. All they say are nothing. You need to be skilled to be successful. you do not need motivators speech.
          Some people are hypnotized by motivators action and speech on a stage, aren’t they?. Yes, they are hypnotizing all audiences. They are washing brain of the audiences. Have you ever attended motivation training? If your answer yes, have you been successful because of the motivators’ words? Have you got rich because of their speech? All motivators are liars. Bill Gates was a successful due to his skill in computers not because of motivation training but some motivators often use his name. I will ask you who is a person close to you, your family, relatives, mates, or neighbors who are successful in their life because they attend motivation training? There are some in brochures in the motivator’s hands out material.
          Everyone can write that Mr. X is successful. Put on his photo on brochures in fact he is nothing. You waste your time if you spend much money and time to join motivation training. You’d better take a course in computers, farming, design, or cooking. All these type of education is much better and useful in your life than attending motivation training. 
               The biggest mistake of motivators’ word is telling a certainty. They tell that everyone can achieve a successful life and everyone must achieve in a certain word. No one knows if he will be successful or not. We just can hope and plan and The God “Allah who decides” We need to work hard and cleverly, expect and surrender to The God after we have done our efforts. Telling a certainty is a kind of arrogance in front of The God. 

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