why blog so popular

Why blog so popular

            Blogging is an interesting hobby that has become a new business media. It was as an online diary but it develops in various purposes. There are still many bloggers who write their daily life activities. Here are some aspects why blogs are so popular for the readers and for the bloggers.
            First, the articles are easy to digest. The order of the contents is chronological. Many blog writers are personal so that they write the articles as if they are communicating with their readers. The content is sometime very light and it allows comment. The language of blog articles is very informative and not too formal so that the readers will stay longer when they visit a blog.
            Second, the content of blog is always up to date because it is very easy to post an article in a blog. It is also very dynamic that sometime a blogger can publish multiple articles in a day. When we search on internet to find a current issue we will get the article from a blog before a formal website write the article.
            Third, It is very easy to manage a blog. We can add new content and new widget in a blog in a few minutes. It is different with a website or an online journal that many workers are there. If one of the workers has an idea to add a new content or a new widget the editors will have meeting to decide the proposal so that it will take a long time. A blog needs few minutes. It depends on the owner’s mood. If the owner wants to change the template of the blog it does need three or four days to change. We may visit a blog in the morning. We see the blog color background is green but we may see different color background in the afternoon. 
            Finally, Blogging is simple. Everyone can be a blogger whether he want to make the blog as a business or as a hobby. We can post our dynamic ideas on blog. We can get new community here so that’s why blogs are very popular.

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